Our goal - Your experience.

Diving is all about the Experience, not gadgets and equipment! The equipment is to take care of your safety and not to disturb your dive experience - regulators that make you breathe at your own pace and depth; comfortable suits, bc´s and accessories that let you focus on the experience..

Poseidon was established by people who lived for diving. They developed products that did not exist, but were necessary. We are doing the same. We listen to our customers, create the functionality and are original. That is why our products look different.

We develop equipment for demanding divers. That is not the same thing as deep, cold or advanced diving. Demanding divers have high requirements on their equipment. They want to experience diving time after time to some day make the ultimative dive!



We dare to be different.

Maybe this is an unusual feature for a Scandinavian Company.
We will lead the dive industry, not by copying our colleagues, but setting new trends in developing new products. We seek functionality, quality and usefulness. The most important feature for us is that our products reinforce your diving experience.

Our customers are divers; beginners and divers with hundreds of logged dives. Young enthusiasts and old experienced divers, interested in wrecks, coral reefs or caves, but having two things in common; they have high requirements for their equipment and they are searching for "the ultimate experience".

We are striving to develop our regulators to be more functional, to make our next generation dry suits more flexible, and to develop our new fins to be so effective, that you will be able swim at ease.


Per ulteriori informazioni visitate il sito in inglese www.poseidon.se!


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