Since 1953, when Sam Davison pursued his dream to share snorkeling with millions, Dacor’s list of firsts has been impressive indeed:

  • 1958: first adjustable regulator
  • 1960: first ergonomically curved snorkel, designed to adapt to the shape of the head
  • 1969: first second stage with double exhaust valve to reduce effort during exhalation
  • 1972: first free-flow prevention device
  • 1978: first dive computer
  • 1994: Enduro. First console with swivel compass for easier navigation
  • 1998: Xtremelle. First BCV with integrated neoprene vest for maximum comfort.
  • 1999: Viper. The first regulator with integrated VAD (Vortex Assisted Design) and the TEC (Trim Efficiency Control) system for superior performance in all conditions.
  • 2001: Panther Fins Maximum power with less effort
  • 2004: Darwin Air: The first diving computer integrated with illuminated alarms and remaining air time at the current depth.
  • 2005: Trainer Pro - Regulator with the patented new valve and seat connector, with incorporated guide, that maintains perfect operation even with an intense use.

The American icon

First is more than winning a race. Being first means having the commitment, resources and drive to succeed where others have failed. Being first means continually raising standards for quality and performance. Being first is developing novel and innovative solutions that make diving more enjoyable for divers of all ability levels.

Being first counts in the dive business. No other manufacturer has amassed a string of firsts to match Dacor.
For over 50 years Dacor has become an American legend, known and trusted by divers around the world.
For millions of divers, professional and recreational alike, Dacor is the first name in scuba.


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